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VHD Eyewear

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Learn About My Eyewear Brand

A high-quality pair of sunglasses is both striking and functional. As the founder of VHD Eyewear, I understand the importance of quality eyewear that suits your lifestyle. If you're looking for durable sunglasses and one-of-a-kind designs, you've come to the right place.

My Story

While working as a mechanic in Durban, South Africa, I was constantly searching for the right pair of sunglasses. But no matter how much I spent or where I looked, they all seemed to fall short. I stumbled upon a manufacturer who made quality glasses that fit my needs and VHD Eyewear was born. Today, I work tirelessly to bring you affordable, innovative lenses and eye-catching styles that you won't find anywhere else. At VHD Eyewear, my team utilizes the latest technology to create glasses that can withstand outdoor activities and keep you comfortable all day long.

What Makes Us Different

All VHD Eyewear glasses are FDA approved and feature optically correct lenses. This means that no matter where you look, there is never any distortion. Additionally, I use ultra-safe lenses made from a polycarbonate and Lexan mixture. VHD Eyewear lenses are also 250 times stronger than standard glass lenses. You could hammer a nail through these lenses, and there would be no crack beyond the point of impact.

Ordering & Warranty

If you're interested in ordering our sunglasses, please contact me directly. I pride myself on providing quality, one-on-one customer service for each and every client. For your peace of mind, I also provide a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.


"My name is Tony Padden & I am a "SUNGLASSES JUNKIE"! I'm constantly trying the Latest & Greatest glasses, but NOW, I only wear 1 Pair! 1 Pair of glasses for both day & night riding. They are called VANTAGE - The BEST SUNLASSES I have EVER put on my face. The NEW AND IMPROVED VANTAGE HAWKEYE glasses are AWESOME!!! Lightweight, Strong, & Clean Looking. Dual Function - Removable lenses to go from Day to Night. The vents on the top of these glasses allow me to ride in all conditions with absolutely NO FOGGING. I have been riding all around the United States on my Harley, and I would be lost without my Vantage Hawkeye's. It may sound kind of silly, but that is truly the way I feel about these glasses. This company is great to deal with, customer service is excellent. Fast shipping, and Brian is a Great guy and really cares about his customers!!" — Tony P. Tony


"Last year in Sturgis, SD I purchased the best pair of motorcycle glasses I have ever owned. I have been riding for over 19 years. Few products hold water to their claims - so I was very skeptical at first, but now I am bragging to everyone! The glasses are called HAWKEYEs and are distributed by Vantage USA. In the upper portion of the frame, just above the lens there are 3 vent slots that keep the lenses from fogging in circumstances where other wraparounds I have owned have become fogged. The HAWKEYEs are durable, light nylon frames with three sets of lenses that change in seconds. The three lenses are: clears, dark - that are UV1& UV2 protection and yellow of overcast days. All lenses are 100% optically correct. They are shatterproof - so much so, that in the demo they pounded a nail through the lens and it did not shatter! What sold me on them was the gentleman selling them picked up a handful of dirt and gravel dust and had me scrub the clear lens with it. He then had me clean the lens with the pouch that comes with the glasses. When I was done, the lens looked as clear as new. My wife and I were very impressed. We bought one pair and took turns wearing them on the 1000-mile trip home from Sturgis. The clarity through the lenses is amazing; there is absolutely no distortion. My wife wears contacts and her eyes were not dried out like with other glasses. On the trip we had the opportunity to try all three sets of lenses. The week after we returned home I was on the phone to Brian Nel ordering another pair. It has been almost a year and I am still surprised on how nice the fit and finish is on these glasses. The only drawback I see is that they aren't available with prescription lenses. The glasses come with a leather pouch that store the other lenses when not in use. The pouch they fit in is compact enough to fit in your back pocket and has a chain to attach it to your belt. They also come with a soft cloth pouch that you can use to clean your lenses. I write in the hope that you will publish my comments in your newsletter. I feel it is worth while to share such a fantastic product with other cyclists - you will not regret it - they were worth every penny!" — Eric R.